Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fueled Up and Ready To Go!

Our last day of work was December 23rd.  That last week was crazy for both of us, long days at work running around to complete projects and delegate tasks for the next four months, then even longer nights at home readying the house for tenants, packing for the trip, and wrapping Christmas presents.  It's been almost a full week since then, and I think today I'm finally starting to feel relaxed and ON VACATION finally!

I've been reading "Around the World in 80 Dinners" by Bill Jamison on my new Nook, which is whetting my appetite for culinary adventures in the ten countries we'll be exploring, and helping me to appreciate the bounty of home-cooked goodies our moms have been stuffing us with over the holidays.  For the past 6 days, we've done little more than enjoy time at home with family and eat a LOT.  At my parents' house we enjoyed rich meals of meatpies, lasagna, stuffed bread, antipasto salads, thick-cut bacon, microbrew beers and deep red wines, with breaks to play Settlers of Catan and Rock Band 5.  At Mohit's parents' house, we've been treated to homemade chicken tikka, goat curry, spiced baby eggplants, channa masala, ginger-stuffed parathas, and chai, with breaks to finish writing wedding Thank You cards and to visit with friends in Toronto.  It's hard not to indulge when I keep thinking that it'll be a long time until we have home-cooked meals again!

Last night we visited with Sid and Meanu (great to see you guys!) and were treated to sheep's milk cheese and late harvest Niagara Valley ice wine and spent hours recounting Mohit & Sid's many misadventures in their bachelor days (the stories got even better after the bottle of McCallan scotch was emptied...)  Tonight we get to visit with Paul and Jocelyn at a local pub and hear all about their recent wedding in southern India!

We leave North America in less than 40 hours.  Although I'll miss snow this winter, I'm ready to trade the freezing temps here in Canada for warm sunny days in Central America, and to sample warm-weather goodies!

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