Thursday, May 17, 2018

Portugal With Kids- Travel from Sintra to Algarve Along the Alentejano Coast

Our sixth day in Portugal was a travel day.  After breakfast in our cute hotel in Sintra, we picked up a rental car and hit the road south, past Lisbon, headed toward the Algarve.  We opted for the scenic route, a 4-hr drive close to Portugal's Atlantic coast (about and hour longer than the more direct inland route).

We hoped to find somewhere to stop halfway and stretch our legs.  Back at home, while planning our vacation, I'd searched all over the internet looking for suggestions on somewhere that would be fun with the kids, but found...nothing.  So while the kids napped peacefully in the backseat and with Mohit at the wheel, I turned on Tripadvisor and searched in map view for at least a recommended restaurant somewhere in the little villages we were driving through.

We zeroed in on a recommended restaurant, Tasca do Celso in Vila Nove de Milfonte.  We found Milfonte to be a cute little seaside village with whitewashed houses and narrow cobblestone streets.  The front room of the restaurant was dark and cozy, but the back room was unexpectedly airy and beachy feeling.  We enjoyed a yummy lunch of garlic shrimp, macaroni with broth, beans and tiny clams, and roasted chicken for the kids.

After lunch we walked outside into the BRIGHT hot sunlight and wandered through town.  We came out of the narrow streets onto a wide avenue with stairs down to the beach.  

The kids were excited to kick off their shoes and wade in the water.  Before we even knew what was happening, big kid had splashed face first into the water fully clothed!

Lucky for us we had suitcases of clothes in the trunk of our car! After a clothing change which deposited several buckets of sand in the car, we piled back in for the rest of our drive.  Our destination was the Martinhal family resort in Sagres.  I'll be honest, the drive after lunch was pretty miserable since our 3-year-old hated being in the car that long, and complained and cried for the remaining 1.5 hours.  But our beach resort destination did not disappoint!  Stay tuned for more (see post here!)

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